Code Name: ALSIB


Originally titled "Warplanes to Siberia," Code Name ALSIB will be a 12-part historical documentary detailing the rich history of Lend-Lease and the ALSIB program, taking viewers over some of the most rugged and beautiful terrain in North America and Asia allowing them to see a part of the world rarely seen.  Each stop along the route has and will continue to produce oral histories, artifacts, and other yet-to-be discovered materials of the past and the present, further reinforcing the importance of ALSIB 2020.  We invite you to enjoy our 7-minute, Telly award winning trailer.

In addition, a historically and technically-accurate book of the same name is being written under the guidance of historians, subject matter specialists, and authors from the United States, Canada, and Russia.  Both the book and documentary will be made available in English and Russian.